Ninetone Records

Discover the powerhouse behind top-charting hits at Ninetone Records. Our team, boasting a rich legacy of platinum records and numerous Top 10 singles, brings unparalleled expertise in music production. At our state-of-the-art facilities, including two fully equipped recording studios and three dynamic project studios, we're always in motion, releasing a vibrant array of new songs monthly. Our dedicated A&R team meticulously scouts and reviews promising new artists weekly, ensuring our catalog remains fresh and diverse with exceptional music. Join us at Ninetone Records, where hit-making is a tradition.

Ninetone Management

Ninetone Management is the cornerstone of success for elite athletes, renowned music artists, and influential internet personalities. We understand the unique demands of achieving and maintaining high-level success. By partnering with Ninetone, you gain a dedicated team focused on your business representation - your legal advisor, coordinator, negotiator, and unwavering support. We specialize in brand development, time management, privacy protection, career longevity, and revenue growth. Our bespoke approach crafts a personalized career journey for each member of the Ninetone family. Explore limitless possibilities with us, from writing a book, releasing a song, launching a TV show, to creating bespoke merchandise. Our extensive in-house resources are designed to amplify your potential across various platforms.

Ninetone Network

At Ninetone Network, we master the art of growth. Beyond the essentials of a Multichannel Network, we offer unparalleled access to top-tier business lawyers and entertainment advisors. Our extensive experience as tour producers, booking agents, and event managers ensures memorable fan interactions and live events. Enjoy unrestricted access to Ninetone's vast music catalog, featuring authentic tracks by genuine artists - a treasure trove for your creative content. We update our library monthly with fresh releases, providing you exclusive content to enhance your videos. Embrace the freedom to innovate with Ninetone Network!

We want your music

Ninetone is on a constant quest to discover and collaborate with emerging talent. Our dedicated A&R team is actively seeking unsigned artists with the potential to shape the future of music. If you believe your music aligns with our vision of pioneering musical excellence, we want to hear from you. Join us in our mission to uncover the next generation of musical stars at Ninetone.Submit your demo here!

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