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About us

ninetone records

Our songwriters and producers have a substantial collection of platinum records and lots of Top 10 hits on their CV´s.

With our two fully equipped recording studios and three project studios going full steam,

Ninetone releases a bunch of new songs every month.

Our A&R people are reviewing a vast number of new aspiring artists each week to keep our roster filled with great music! 

ninetone management

Major athletes, music artists and Internet influencers all have something in common.

The need for professional business representation. When you reach a certain level of success you need to focus only on your deliverance, your craft. When you sign with Ninetone, we become your back office, your lawyer, your coordinator, your negotiator and support.

Ninetone Management focuses on developing your brand, caring for your time, protecting your privacy, developing your staying power and your revenue. We tailor a unique career environment and development path for each member of the Ninetone family.

- Ninetone gives you the opportunity to experiment and be creative!

You want to write a book? Or release a song? Fancy your own TV-show on a regular network? Merchandise?

We have in house resources that can help you realize your potential on any platform.

ninetone network

We know how to grow! In addition to all the basic services of a Multichannel Network, Ninetone can give you: 
 - The best business lawyers and advisors in music and entertainment, all working for you. 
 - Fan meetings. With our experience as tour producers, booking agents and event managers,

we ensure that you get to meet your fans in real life!

- Free Access to Ninetones huge music catalog of real music by real artists (not canned music)

We whitelist our music for you to use on your channels. New releases every month, so you can use

exclusive content in your videos! It´s yours to play with!

we want your music

We are constantly looking for new talents and artists to collaborate with. 

Our A&Rs work daily to find and meet unsigned artists who have the potential to become tomorrow's stars. 

Do you think we should hear your music?



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