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Unleashing Chart-Topping Hits with Expertise

Ninetone Records is a beacon in the music industry, renowned for consistently producing chart-topping hits. Our experienced team, celebrated for their expertise in music production and development, has crafted an enviable collection of platinum records and Top 10 singles. Discover the secret behind our success and join a label that excels in creating music that resonates worldwide.

State-of-the-Art Recording Studios for Cutting-Edge Music

Step into our world-class recording facilities, equipped with the latest technology to fuel creativity and innovation. Our two primary recording studios, along with three additional project studios, are the heart of Ninetone Records. They are designed to inspire artists and producers alike, providing the perfect environment to craft the next big hit in the music industry.

Monthly Releases: A Testament to Our Dynamic Music Catalog

At Ninetone Records, our commitment to diversity and quality is showcased through our monthly releases of new music. Our ever-expanding catalog is a testament to our dedication to exploring different genres and styles, ensuring that we cater to a wide range of musical tastes and preferences. Stay tuned for our latest releases and be part of our journey in defining the future of music.

Discovering and Nurturing New Talent: Our A&R Philosophy

Our dedicated A&R team is the driving force behind our vibrant artist roster. By scouting and nurturing emerging talent, we ensure that Ninetone Records is always at the forefront of musical innovation. We're committed to finding artists who are set to become the next big names in the music industry. If you're an aspiring artist with a unique sound, Ninetone Records is the place for you.

Diverse Sounds: A Melting Pot of Musical Genres

Ninetone Records prides itself on being a multicultural hub of musical talent. Our diverse range of artists reflects a fusion of cultures and musical styles, making our music universally relatable. This diversity is not just our strength but also our commitment to bridging gaps in the music industry. Be part of a record label that's more than just a business – it's a family of musicians and creators. At Ninetone Records, we don't just produce music; we nurture careers and shape the future of the music industry. Connect with us today and take your first step towards musical success.


Countrylegenden Doug Seegers signar med Ninetone och släpper album med Sveriges rockabillydrottning Eva Eastwood!

Countrylegenden Doug Seegers signar med Ninetone och släpper album med Sveriges rockabillydrottning Eva Eastwood!


Patrik Frisk


Det är med stor glädje vi meddelar att den amerikanska countrylegenden Doug Seegers nu ansluter sig till Ninetone-familjen.

Grimwalkers Nominerade till Prestigefyllda Storytel Awards

Grimwalkers Nominerade till Prestigefyllda Storytel Awards


Stefan Hallgren


I en spännande utveckling inom den litterära världen har det begåvade författarparet Leffe och Caroline Grimwalker erhållit en välförtjänt nominering i kategorin "Spänning" vid det prestigefyllda Storytel Awards.

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