Ann-Beath Frisk

Marketing Assistant

Ann-Beath Frisk - Marketing Assistant at Ninetone Group AB

Ann-Beath Frisk is a dynamic and talented professional currently making significant contributions as a Marketing Assistant at Ninetone Group AB. Her role in this renowned music and entertainment company underscores her capabilities in marketing and her passion for the industry.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Position: Marketing Assistant
  • Organization: Ninetone Group AB
  • In her position, Ann-Beath plays a crucial role in supporting the marketing initiatives at Ninetone Group AB. Her responsibilities likely encompass various aspects of marketing, including but not limited to digital marketing, content creation, campaign management, and brand promotion.
  • As a marketing assistant, she may also be involved in coordinating marketing activities, assisting with the development of marketing strategies, and liaising with other departments to ensure cohesive branding and communication efforts.

Skills and Expertise:

  • Ann-Beath's role requires a blend of creativity, analytical thinking, and effective communication skills. Her ability to adapt to the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of the music industry is crucial for her success in this role.
  • Her expertise likely extends to areas such as social media management, event promotion, and market research, providing valuable insights and contributing to the growth and visibility of Ninetone Group AB and its associated artists.

Approach to Marketing:

  • Ann-Beath's approach to marketing is likely characterized by her ability to understand and connect with the target audience, leveraging innovative marketing techniques to engage fans and consumers.
  • She may also focus on digital trends and emerging platforms to ensure that Ninetone Group AB remains at the forefront of the industry in terms of marketing and promotions.

Future Aspirations:

  • In her role as a Marketing Assistant at Ninetone Group AB, Ann-Beath is poised to continue growing her skills and making a significant impact in the marketing strategies of the company.
  • Her career at Ninetone Group AB offers her opportunities to work on diverse projects, enabling her to further hone her marketing expertise and contribute to the success of the company and its artists.

Ann-Beath Frisk's role as a Marketing Assistant at Ninetone Group AB is integral to the company's promotional and marketing efforts. Her dedication and skill set are key to enhancing the presence and success of Ninetone Group AB in the competitive music industry. For collaborations, inquiries, or more information, Ann-Beath can be reached through Ninetone Group AB's contact channels.

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