Birk Frisk


Birk Frisk - A&R, Manager, and Songwriter at Ninetone Group AB

Birk Frisk is a multifaceted music industry professional serving as an A&R, Manager, and Songwriter at Ninetone Group AB. His diverse roles in the company highlight his versatile talent and deep understanding of the music business.

Role and Expertise:

  • A&R (Artists and Repertoire): In his capacity as an A&R at Ninetone Group AB, Birk Frisk plays a crucial role in scouting and nurturing musical talent. He is responsible for discovering new artists, guiding them in their career paths, and helping shape their musical style and image.
  • Manager: As a manager, Birk provides strategic guidance and support to artists and songwriters. His responsibilities include overseeing career development, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that artists’ needs are met, both creatively and commercially.
  • Songwriter: Birk’s role as a songwriter reflects his creative flair. He contributes to the songwriting process, crafting lyrics and melodies that resonate with audiences. His work likely involves collaborating with artists and other songwriters to produce compelling and successful music.

Approach to Work:

  • Birk Frisk is known for his dynamic approach to the music industry. He combines his creative talents with strategic thinking to effectively manage and support the artists he works with.
  • His passion for music and commitment to artist development are evident in his hands-on approach, whether he's in the studio crafting songs or in the boardroom strategizing career moves for his clients.

Contribution to Ninetone Group AB:

  • At Ninetone Group AB, Birk's contribution is significant. His roles as an A&R, Manager, and Songwriter allow him to be involved in various stages of the music production and artist management process, making him an invaluable asset to the company.

Future Aspirations:

  • In his ongoing career at Ninetone Group AB, Birk aims to continue making a profound impact in the music industry, discovering and nurturing new talent, and producing music that captivates and entertains a global audience.

Birk Frisk’s combination of creative and managerial skills makes him a standout professional in the music industry. For collaborations, inquiries, or further information, he can be reached through Ninetone Group AB’s contact channels. His dedication to crafting and promoting high-quality music positions him as a key figure in the artistic and operational success of Ninetone Group AB.

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