Carina Gustin


Carina Gustin - Economist at Ninetone Group

Carina Gustin is a seasoned economist with a comprehensive background in finance and administration, currently serving as an economist at Ninetone Group. With over a decade of experience in this role, she has been a crucial part of the company’s financial operations since September 2013.

Professional Experience:

  • Position: Economist
  • Organization: Ninetone Group
  • Tenure: Since September 2013 (10 years and 5 months)
  • In her role at Ninetone Group, Carina is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the company. Her expertise likely includes budgeting, financial reporting, and analysis, as well as overseeing fiscal policies and procedures.

Previous Roles:

  • Economist/Administrator at Film i Västernorrland (2001–2006): For 5 years, Carina worked in Sundsvall, Sweden, where she combined her skills in economics and administration in the film industry.
  • Study Support Investigator at Centrala studiestödsnämnden CSN (1997–2001): Carina spent 4 years in Sundsvall as a study support investigator, a role that involved assessing and managing student financial aid.
  • Production Assistant/Administrator at Nordiska Kammarorkestern (1991–1995): Her early career included 4 years as a production assistant and administrator, where she honed her administrative and organizational skills.

Skills and Approach:

  • Carina’s extensive experience in various administrative and economic roles has equipped her with a deep understanding of financial management, organizational skills, and attention to detail.
  • Her approach likely involves a meticulous and analytical method of handling financial matters, ensuring accuracy, and compliance with financial regulations.

Role in Ninetone Group:

  • At Ninetone Group, Carina's role is pivotal in maintaining the financial health and stability of the company. Her responsibilities may include financial planning, risk management, and advising on financial decisions and strategies.

Future Aspirations:

  • Continuing her impressive tenure at Ninetone Group, Carina Gustin aims to further strengthen the company’s financial operations and contribute to its ongoing success and growth in the music and entertainment industry.

Carina Gustin’s role as an economist at Ninetone Group is fundamental to the company's financial stability and strategic planning. Her expertise and diligent work ethic are invaluable assets to Ninetone Group. For financial inquiries or collaborations related to Ninetone Group, Carina can be reached through the company's contact channels.

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