Douglas Thiele


Douglas Thiele - Head of Assets at Ninetone Group AB and Songwriter & Producer at Dogge Thiele Productions

Douglas Thiele, with his extensive experience and multifaceted skills, serves as the Head of Assets at Ninetone Group AB and is a renowned Songwriter & Producer at Dogge Thiele Productions. His career trajectory in the music industry demonstrates his versatility and profound impact in both asset management and music production.

Professional Experience:

  • Head of Assets, Ninetone Group AB (Since June 2021 - 2 years and 8 months): As the Head of Assets, Douglas plays a pivotal role in managing and optimizing the company's assets. His role involves strategic planning, overseeing asset allocation, and ensuring that the assets are utilized effectively to support the company's goals and objectives.
  • Songwriter & Producer, Dogge Thiele Productions (Since March 2015 - 8 years and 11 months): Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Douglas has been running his own enterprise, showcasing his talent as a songwriter and producer. His creative output has been instrumental in crafting hits and influential music tracks.

Notable Contributions:

  • Douglas Thiele's involvement in signing artists to Ninetone Records underlines his keen eye for talent and potential in the music industry. His collaboration with artists like JHN, along with colleagues such as Philip Vedle, highlights his ability to work synergistically in a team to produce high-quality music.

Skills and Approach:

  • As a songwriter and producer, Douglas is known for his creative flair, ability to create compelling melodies and lyrics, and his expertise in transforming musical ideas into commercially successful tracks.
  • In his role as Head of Assets, he combines his industry knowledge with strategic asset management skills, ensuring that Ninetone Group AB's resources are effectively utilized for growth and sustainability.

Future Aspirations:

  • Douglas Thiele continues to focus on driving success both in his role at Ninetone Group AB and through his personal endeavors at Dogge Thiele Productions. His goal is to keep contributing innovative ideas and high-quality work in the music industry, fostering new talents, and creating memorable music experiences.

Douglas Thiele’s dual roles as a creative force and a strategic asset manager make him a valuable contributor to the music industry. For collaborations, inquiries, or more information about his work at Ninetone Group AB or Dogge Thiele Productions, he can be reached through the respective contact channels. His dedication and expertise are key factors in his successful career and the growth of the entities he represents.

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