Johanna Olandersson

Asset Manager

Johanna Olandersson - Marketer and Assets Manager at Ninetone Group AB

Johanna Olandersson is a dedicated and dynamic professional currently serving as a Marketer and Assets Manager at Ninetone Group AB. Her passion for content creation and a deep commitment to her clients' journeys are central to her approach, driven by a motto to "shoot for the stars".

Professional Background:

  • Position: Marketer and Assets Manager
  • Company: Ninetone Group AB
  • Tenure: Part-time for 2 years and 7 months

Additional Roles at Ninetone Group AB:

  • Graphic Designer (since February 2022): Johanna has been channeling her creativity and technical skills into graphic design for the past 2 years at Ninetone Group AB, showcasing her versatility and keen eye for visual aesthetics.
  • Talent Manager (since July 2021): Over the past 2 years and 7 months, Johanna has been instrumental in managing and nurturing talent, demonstrating her ability to support and guide individuals in their professional journeys.

New Role: Recently, Johanna Olandersson has embarked on an exciting new role as an assistant talent manager at Ninetone. Her primary focus is to provide support in managing the rapidly growing talent pool at the company. This role leverages her strengths in marketing, asset management, and talent relations, allowing her to make a significant impact in this fast-paced environment.

Approach and Philosophy: Johanna's work ethic is marked by her enthusiasm for content creation and a client-centric approach. She believes in empowering her clients and supporting them in reaching their highest potential, mirroring her own aspirations for success and excellence.

Collaboration and Contribution: In her multifaceted roles at Ninetone Group AB, Johanna brings a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and effective management skills. Her contributions are not just limited to her direct responsibilities but extend to fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.

Contact and Collaboration: For those interested in collaborating or seeking more information about Johanna Olandersson's work at Ninetone Group AB, she can be reached through the company's contact channels. Her passion for content creation, combined with her dedication to her clients' success, makes her an invaluable asset to Ninetone Group AB and the broader marketing and talent management fields.

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