Jonas Ström

Art Director

Jonas Ström - Creative Content Specialist at Ninetone Group AB

Jonas Ström, a vital member of the Ninetone Group AB since February 2014, has been instrumental in shaping the creative content for the company over the past 10 years. With a decade of experience in the dynamic field of creative content, Jonas has established himself as a key figure in developing innovative and impactful content strategies.

Role and Expertise:

  • Position: Creative Content Specialist
  • Organization: Ninetone Group AB
  • Tenure: Since February 2014 (10 years to date)


  • Developing and implementing creative content strategies that align with the company's vision and goals.
  • Overseeing the creation of a wide range of content, including digital media, marketing materials, and artistic projects.
  • Collaborating with different departments to ensure a cohesive and effective content narrative across various platforms.

Skills and Accomplishments:

  • Demonstrated ability to produce engaging and original content that resonates with diverse audiences.
  • Expertise in conceptualizing and executing content ideas that enhance brand visibility and audience engagement.
  • Adept at navigating the ever-changing landscape of digital media, staying ahead of trends, and adapting strategies accordingly.

Approach to Creative Content: Jonas Ström is known for his creative flair, attention to detail, and an innate ability to capture and communicate the essence of a brand or project through content. His approach involves a deep understanding of storytelling, audience insights, and the power of visual and verbal communication. This approach has enabled him to create compelling content that not only informs and entertains but also builds meaningful connections with audiences.

Future Aspirations: Continuing in his role at Ninetone Group AB, Jonas aims to further elevate the company's content offerings, exploring innovative formats and techniques. His dedication to creative excellence and his decade-long experience position him to continue making significant contributions to the field of creative content.

Collaboration and Contact: For collaborations, projects, or more information about his work, Jonas Ström can be contacted through the channels provided by Ninetone Group AB. His expertise and creative vision make him an invaluable asset to any content-driven initiative.

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