Patrik Frisk - Music Producer and Composer

Patrik Frisk, born April 16, 1969, in Åre, Sweden, is a distinguished Swedish music producer and composer known for his significant contributions to the music industry. Although born in Åre, Patrik spent his formative years in Hede, Härjedalen, nurturing his passion for music from a young age.

Patrik's journey in music began at Härnösands Gymnasium, where he majored in music for two years, with piano as his primary instrument. His career took a pivotal turn when he moved to Stockholm, embarking on a life as a touring musician. He showcased his talents in various editions of Rocktåget in the early '90s, a period that marked the beginning of his transition towards studio work. By the late '90s, Patrik decisively shifted his focus from touring to solely dedicating himself to music production and composition.

Throughout his career, Patrik Frisk has produced music for an array of prominent artists including Ronny and Ragge, Uno Svenningsson, Simon Gyllenstråhle, Carola Häggkvist, Tomas Ledin, Takida, Marie Lindberg, and Corroded. His influence and expertise in the music industry are not only evident in his collaborations but also in his entrepreneurial ventures. In 2004, Patrik established Ninetone Records, a record label that quickly rose to prominence as a leading hard rock label in Sweden. At Ninetone Records, he serves as both A&R and producer, continually shaping the sound and direction of the label.

Patrik's dedication to music extends beyond his professional achievements. He is a family man, residing in Kvissleby, just outside Sundsvall, with his family. Patrik's musical talent runs in the family, as he is the brother of musician Pontus Frisk.

Patrik Frisk's involvement in the music industry was notably recognized by Anton Magnusson, who discovered his work with Ronny and Ragge in Sweden. His journey from a passionate pianist to a revered music producer and composer is a testament to his dedication and impact on the Swedish music scene.

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