Patrik Norman

Asset Manager

Patrik Norman - Musician, Producer, Kapellmästare, Songwriter, and Asset Manager at Ninetone Group

About Patrik Norman:

  • Name: Patrik Norman
  • Residence: Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Profession: Musician, Producer, Kapellmästare (musical director), Songwriter, and Asset Manager at Ninetone Group.
  • Instruments: Drums (primary), Piano/Keyboard, Electric Bass
  • Musical Genres: Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, Folk Music, Country
  • Music Preferences: Enjoys all music performed with engagement
  • Other Interests: Image and video editing, football, and film

Musical Career: Patrik Norman has been a full-time freelance musician since 2002. His primary instrument is the drums, with piano/keyboard and electric bass as secondary instruments. His work experience encompasses a broad spectrum within the music industry, including collaborations with singers/soloists, choirs, revues, cover bands, and show productions. Based in Sundsvall, Patrik's musical endeavors have taken him across Sweden. He has a profound interest in music and enjoys participating in both large and small musical contexts.

Collaborations: Throughout his career, Patrik has had the pleasure of collaborating with a diverse range of artists and musicians. Some notable names include Carola Häggkvist, Mikael Rickfors, Tousin “Tusse” Chiza, Helen Sjöholm, Jan Johansen, Jill Johnson, Uno Svenningsson, Molly Sandén, Lasse Berghagen, LaGaylia Frazier, Sanna Nielsen, Andreas Weise, Sonja Aldén, and many others. These collaborations highlight his versatility and adaptability in various musical settings.

Current Role at Ninetone Group: In 2022, Patrik Norman expanded his career by joining the Ninetone Group as an asset manager. In this role, he applies his extensive experience in the music industry to manage and optimize the company's assets, contributing to the growth and success of the label.

Personal Approach: Patrik's approach to music is characterized by his passion for diverse musical styles and his commitment to quality and creativity. His ability to seamlessly blend his skills as a musician, producer, and asset manager demonstrates his multifaceted talent and dedication to the art of music.

Contact and Collaboration: For collaborations, projects, or more information about his music and role at Ninetone Group, Patrik Norman can be contacted through the channels provided by Ninetone Group. His rich experience and dynamic approach to music make him a valuable asset to any musical project or production.

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