Philip Vedlé - A&R, Sound Engineer, and Producer

Philip Vedlé, a dynamic and innovative professional in the music industry, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his roles as A&R at Merion Music Group since 2017, a song producer since 2010, a DJ since 2009, and a sound mixer since 2014. His diverse skill set, coupled with his educational background as a sound engineer (June 2017), makes him a valuable asset in various audio production settings.

Key Strengths:

  • Extensive experience in music production.
  • Trained and educated as a sound engineer.
  • Skilled in collaborating effectively with different individuals.
  • Known for bringing objective thinking, positive energy, and efficiency to the workplace.
  • Focuses on problem-solving and meticulousness to deliver high-quality results.
  • Constantly seeks learning opportunities, personal development, and challenging tasks.
  • Renowned for his attention to detail and quality-conscious approach.

Career Objective: Philip Vedlé is a proactive and creative sound engineer and producer, aiming to engage in stimulating projects involving audio editing and recording. He is driven to excel professionally in both technical and creative realms. His goal is to collaborate with inspired and motivated professionals, contributing significantly to their projects.

Personal Qualities: Philip is often described by others as creative, quality-conscious, ambitious, responsible, a good listener, empathetic, committed, humorous, collaborative, curious, considerate, positive, independent, polite, open & social, and persuasive.

Specializations: Philip Vedlé specializes in a variety of roles, including A&R, sound technician, audio editor, sound recorder, production sound mixer, sound designer, and music producer. His capabilities extend to live sound engineering and sound mixing, demonstrating his versatility in the field.

Philip's approach to his work is marked by a strong commitment to excellence and a desire to continually push the boundaries of his professional and creative capabilities. He is a valuable team player and a visionary in the music and audio production industry. For more information or to discuss potential collaborations, Philip Vedlé can be reached at his provided contact details.

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